An investment made in a CRDG property is one that you can make with confidence.

After selling my home in Maui I knew that the tropics would be missed terribly, and as prayers are answered, I found myself in Costa Rica. Michael LaCaze Owner/Broker LaCaze Real Estate Del Mar, California

“Not only did this adventure prove to be one of the most beautiful places on earth, it also proved to have some of the most ‘gentle’ and ‘sweet’ people I’ve ever known.”

It’s easy to see why CRDG will be a leading developer in Costa Rica. Honor, Integrity, trust only begins to describe the qualities I’ve found in CRDG. Not to mention, a team that has been put in place that will deliver a product that we will all love to call our home—or home away from home.

The master plan of Coco Bay Estates will be a highlight for me, family, and friends, for all my years to come. It will be an enchanting destination to experience the “Pura Vida” lifestyle. Can’t wait for my first tennis match at the new tennis facility, workout in the new fitness facility, and then dive into an incredible tropical pool. Coco Bay Estates has everything I could possibly ask for.”