The decision to buy property and build a home always involves questions and consultations.

That’s even truer when investing in a foreign country. With CRDG you are able to buy with confidence.

Many of the details and concerns that might hinder other real estate purchases in Costa Rica are avoided when you purchase and build within a private development such as those offered by CRDG.

When you buy within a CRDG property, you are provided with a single point of contact to assist you as you deem appropriate and our expert team will work closely with you throughout the entire process. CRDG offers comprehensive management of your property when you’re not in residence or should you choose to put your home to work as an income-producing vacation rental investment.

Buying a home or property with CRDG simplifies the process of buying and building in Costa Rica greatly.

Contact us with Confidence
CRDG has set the tone for responsible real estate development in Costa Rica.  By making sure that its developments meet the best environmental practices and comply with all applicable regulations, CRDG places its projects in the forefront of developments in Costa RIca, and guarantees its clients and investors a secure business opportunity. CARLOS A. DENGO, Preisdent, CDG Environmental Advisors